Should I Pay Down My Mortgage? – Ask Rob Kirby CPA

Welcome to the  first of what I plan to be a long series of Question and Answer posts.  More than anything else, I love answering your questions.  I hope that you find these to be of value and if you have questions you would like to see featured here, please email me at Q: […]

Avoiding an IRS audit (part 2 of 2)

Beating the computer and avoiding an IRS audit: (Read Part 1 Here) List a Conservative Occupation Right next to your signature you are requested to list your occupation. Some occupations attract conservative and law-abiding individuals, who help keep the DIF score low for everyone who lists that occupation on their 1040. From accountants, auditors, bank […]

Avoiding an IRS audit (part 1 of 2)

The first defense against an IRS audit is to avoid them in the first place – and knowing how IRS audits are triggered in the first place can equip you to take steps to avoid them. The secret IRS program The IRS runs a top-secret computer program (the “discriminate income function” or DIF) that analyzes the millions of […]