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Welcome to our website – your “Tax Oasis” in the cloud.

Rob Kirby, CPA, has retired from Tax Preparation after 35 years in the trenches.  But his war against paying too much to the IRS continues.  Former and prospective tax clients are being referred to Ed Sporl at Denning & Co in Santa Rosa and San Rafael for competent, professional tax preparation services.  Contact

STILL ACTIVE: Rob is still active in the tax and financial industry, however, providing guidance and illumination.  Look for new articles and publications appearing frequently on this website, and for announcements of upcoming workshops.

OUR GUARANTEE:  You can only win the game if you know the rules.  We explain the rules of the tax game in simple language.  We demonstrate creative ways to find ways to deduct expenses that you might not otherwise think were deductible. Follow our lead and you will become a Tax Champion.

ROB’S GUARANTEE:  If you have any questions and you cannot find the answers on this site, please email me and I will personally email you back with the answer: