Mission Statement

Yes, we do income tax. But our job is much bigger than that. We provide guidance and illumination, light up your blind side, challenge your complacency, ask the right questions and then find the best answers. In short, our Mission is to:

  • Know the tax law – the parts that are rigid and unbreakable, and the parts that are yielding and rich with thinly-veiled possibilities.
  • Know your situation and how to apply the law to your strongest advantage.
  • Keep you out of harm’s way: anticipate consequences and steer around potholes.

Be there for you, year-round and life-long.

Values Statement

Clients First: We strive to reduce our clients’ tax pain by:

  • Listening, and helping you steer your ship.
  • Working on projects when they are first received, and performing tasks promptly and well before due dates so that our clients have time to review alternatives and make informed decisions without feeling rushed.
  • Staying connected, responding quickly to emails and other communiqués.
  • Avoiding unnecessary audits, penalties, and unhappy surprises.


  • Unwavering Attention to Detail
  • We include analysis, advice, suggestions, explanations, and hazardous situation alerts.
  • We have the credentials and experience necessary to complete the most complicated and challenging jobs, while still giving quality attention to even the most simple projects.
  • We continue to train beyond license requirements because it helps us go further than ‘adequate’ and ‘expected’, enabling us to achieve excellence.

Environmental Consciousness

  • We are committed to the environment and want to minimize our carbon footprint. Accordingly, we operate in a paperless environment whenever possible.
  • We file electronic tax returns and provide clients with digital copies of documents whenever possible.
  • We maintain all our files and backups in secure, digital form.
  • And, while we love to see our clients smile, we favor phone meetings over burning fossil fuels for face-to-face conferences.

Sacred Healing Opportunity

We know what a healthy money relationship looks like beyond just running the numbers. We seek out opportunities to provide you with illumination about your relationship with money and a healing nudge of guidance toward improving it. This is our sacred responsibility to you.

In Addition…

We embrace eleven of the twelve qualities of the Boy Scout Law
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. Which one did we leave out? . . . . Obedience.