FREE 1040 Tune-Up

Get A Second Opinion on Your Tax Returns

Personally Prepared by Robert C. Kirby, CPA, EA, CFP, MBA

Have you ever asked yourself these questions about your tax return:Tune up

A)  Are there any obviously missed deductions?

B)  What is your relative risk of an IRS audit?

C)  Which overlooked tax-saving opportunities would be most helpful in your situation?

D)  What financial strengths and weaknesses are revealed by your tax filing information?

E)  Are there any tax problems in store for you in the future?

F)  Is your return prepared accurately and professionally?

G)  Are you paying a reasonable fee for your tax preparation?

H)  Is your tax preparer really providing you with the best advice?

Would you like a thorough professional answer to your three most important tax questions?

I have over 38-years of experience providing tax compliance and planning services, and have prepared over 15,000 tax returns and attended over 200 IRS audits. I have designed a proprietary 49-point checklist to answer these questions for you. As with any profession, some tax preparers are just not doing the best job possible. It is my mission to find taxpayers who are receiving sub-par service and show them what a truly competent tax consultant can do for them. To apply for this free, no-obligation service, simply complete a one-page application and submit it with copies of your last three years’ tax returns to:

Rob Kirby, CPA
1220 N Dutton #103
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
FAX: 707-541-2381
TEL: 707-545-8297

There is no charge for the 1040 Tune-Up. There will be charges if you subsequently engage me to amend or prepare tax returns. All information will remain private and confidential.